Pathrasweda (Applying special warm herbal rice  preparation by boluses on the body).


Body is made to perspire profusely by applying herb and leaves enriched steam.


The procedure cleanses skin pores and smoothens  circulation

Relative benefit.
There is no equivalent  procedure in modern  medicine

Before the treatment procedure commences, herbal leaves are processed by cooking in the medicated oils and are packed in the specified cloths. After that these cloth bags are continuously heated with the herbal oil in a pot for about half an hour. Then the treatment procedure starts with a gentle oil application and massage on the head with suitable herbal oil and gradually whole body massage with another type of body oil. The whole procedure is about 90 minutes. During the massage the hot bags are applied all over the body that induces profuse sweating. After the procedure the clients are advised to have a steam bath to enhance the sweating and finally a luke warm water bath.