Aavisnanam ( Medicated Steam Bath ).


Steam bath in a chamber filled with herb enriched  steam


Opens up skin pores, flushes out accumulated dirt and dust. Reduces subcutaneous fat.

Relative benefit.
Powerful and complete cleansing of skin when compared to any other cleansing procedure

Though non-medicated steam bath is also recommended by different healthcare practitioners from across the world, steam from water medicated with Ayurvedic herbs has several specific benefits.

The major benefit of such a medicated steam bath is that it mobilizes accumulated ama (bodily wastes) that accumulates in different srota (body channels) and blocks the way of vital energy reaching different parts of the skin.

The steam is mainly aimed at swedan (sweating) to release the accumulated toxins. Steam bath is also supported by different steam bath boxes, in which the person can take a standing, sitting or lying down position. Fully medicated steam is passed to the chamber so that the person gets his body below neck completely bathe in medicated steam.

In addition to removing toxic wastes, Vashpaswedan also is beneficial in curing different skin problems like psoriasis.